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Becca focuses on the mental part of soccer. I used to struggle with confidence and if I made a mistake in a game, my mind would just shut off and I wouldn’t be able to play well. I’ve worked on that now and I’m really CONFIDENT and demand the ball which is great and I’ve played super well to my strengths. Becca makes soccer FUN and that’s a great thing. She was my coach growing up and a big part of that when you’re that young is to make soccer fun and attach it to good memories, and she definitely did that.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Becca.

Kate Bilal

Coach Becca is a really good coach. She builds up players' confidence and she understands what girls go through at different ages. My experience with Coach Becca has really helped me develop my soccer IQ and the mental side of the game. She has helped me understand how to keep calm and prepare for games. It’s just as good on Zoom as if we were in person. Coach Becca did some video analysis for me and she showed me clips over Zoom. It was helpful to have a coach slow down moments in the game for you. Some coaches can be tough, but Coach Becca always builds my confidence no matter how I perform. Coach Becca helps build up my confidence instead of breaking it.

Nina Khoury

Coach Becca is patient, kind, inspirational, and dedicated to coaching me. I also love her vibe and how she is very focused and passionate about helping me be a better soccer player and build my confidence.

Lylia Lopez


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